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Mission Statement
"Our mission is to shine a bright light on the issues surrounding the over breeding and inhuman handling of dogs for blood sports, puppy mill greed, and ignorance by people & municipalities concerning basic standards for dog husbandry. Our goal is to place as many dogs as possible with appropriate and loving homes which will in turn be living examples of responsible dog ownership."

Greyhound Friends Inc. has been in the business of rescuing retired greyhounds from tracks in Massachusetts and beyond for almost 30 years. Our goal is to both educate the public on the issues of greyhound welfare and to promote change to better the lives of these magnificent animals. Greyhound Friends Inc. will always be a predominantly greyhound focused organization.

We see a new challenge for our organization. As racing has ended in Massachusetts and New England, the majority of greyhounds are in the South. The Southern greyhounds need to be brought to the North to find homes. With the growing number of extraneous greyhounds in the South, many are given/sold to breeders of hunting dogs to create a faster sporting dog. Thus, there is an emerging epidemic of cross breed hounds which adds tremendous strain on animal welfare organizations and humane societies around the country.

There is an immediate need to help place these greyhound crosses and other hounds in loving homes but more importantly to start a campaign of information and education to help reduce the rampant breeding and ultimate saturation of dogs needing to be rescued.

Funds must be raised and media exposure pursued in order to meet this issue head on. Please visit our kennel and learn more about our goals to reduce the suffering and change the mindset about breeding dogs indiscriminately.
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