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Why adopt a hound or hound mix?
There is an epidemic of abandoned and/or neglected dogs needing to be "rescued" from communities all across The United States. Puppy farms, irresponsible private breeders with the ignorance of the need for spaying and neutering have added to this growing problem. As the struggling economy takes more people to the brink of poverty many find they can not care for or choose not to care for their dogs. Some of these dogs might be given to a shelter but many more are abandoned or ignored to the point of starvation. 

Greyhound Friends tries to bring representatives from shelters in the Mid West which helps bring attention to the fate of many who are not as lucky. With every adoption, you are saving a wonderful animal from possible euthanasia by a system that is overwhelmed and economically stressed. Most are never given a chance to prove their value as a loving companion. 

The numbers of hounds produced by either cross breeding with other types of dogs, like greyhounds, has dramatically increased for a wide variety of reasons. Some dogs are used for hunting or blood sports like dog fighting and coursing. 

The good nature and friendliness of these dogs make them exceptionally good pets. They quickly become a cherished member of the family. They are very good with children and can be trained easily as they want to please you. We would help you find the right dog and give you all the information needed to be a responsible dog owner.

It's our hope that with each adoption there is an opportunity to educate others by example. We want people to understand the consequences when we as a society ignore the inhumane treatment and irresponsible breeding of so many of these dogs. Your adoption is a win-win for our program at Greyhound Friends Inc.
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